‘Low-key luxury’ is the latest buzzword in the wedding industry and I for one am extremely happy! It’s exactly the reason I set up Blonde Army and am more than thrilled to help couples achieve this on their special day.

I’ve always believed that you can create an impact ​which doesn’t include over-styling and ​an abundance of decor, props and details. As a lover of Scandinavian design I really believe there is a place for more simplistic design. Meaningful minimalism, contemporary clean lines, attention to individual shape and texture and where negative space informs the design when styled in a conscious way.

​I’m also highly passionate about making clear choices and priorities on your wedding day ​so your ideas don’t become over-crowded but are given the space and moment they deserve. (which will help to maintain your budget too – win/win)

So let’s talk practically about how ​’low-key luxury’ can be achieved​ in your wedding design​. 

To me luxury is personal. Luxury is considered choices and personal indulgences. It’s the bigger picture with a running thread of details. Details you may not even notice, but you certainly feel. 

Low-key is prioritising your choices so you don’t over complicate the day, the design and the planning process. It means keeping things simple, choosing where the focus should go and embracing space. 

Successfully creating luxury is all about the way it makes you feel. Like I said it’s personal and that​’​s why with a little though​t​ you can create luxury very easily and affordably. 

You need to think carefully, together, what makes you feel good? Is it allowing more time throughout the day for longer moments to be able to talk to your guests soak in the atmosphere… Therefore do you choose venues that are close together to reduce that fussy rush between spaces? Is it decreasing your bar choice but having a more expensive red and white wine? Look at your home life – what do you allow yourself to indulge in? Quality bed linen, scented candles, fragrance? 

I believe luxury lies in the details but also the overall day and journey. The seamlessness of the day and how easy yet elegantly the day moves, looks and feels. ​Understated, uncomplicated, and impactful.   

​One simple way to ensure this through-line of simplicity and efforless​ness is to work with a professional stylist and coordinator – like me! Having someone assist you in the final month and coordinate your day for you, is the ultimate luxury and one I believe everyone should be able to afford. 

​If you wish to discuss this topic a little further and find out how you can ​implement ‘low-key luxury’ into your special day, then I’d love to talk to you. This really is my passion and so I would be honoured to help you achieve this. 

I currently have an exclusive offer of 10% off any service booked before 31st May 2019. 

​Let’s start the conversation…

With love,

Lianne x