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Introducing Studio Blonde by Blonde Army

Wedding planning

that feels easy & effortless

I am passionate about making wedding planning accessible, approachable and affordable, so I have designed these resources to enable you to plan with ease & enjoyment.

Planning a wedding takes over 250 hours and with the amount of inspiration & information available, couples can feel lost and not know how to proceed. Life is busier, choices are greater, time is still limited and confusion & overwhelm are still present.

This is the reason I created the studio - to give couples like you the resources, tools, guides and support to plan your wedding with ease.

Imagine if you could ...

  • plan with ease and confidence knowing you’re making the right decisions for your wedding
  • receive expert guidance & creative support from an industry leading planner
  • communicate effectively with your suppliers so you can feel confident and assured they are the right team for you and will deliver your vision
  • feel calm & in control and actually enjoy the planning process
  • save yourself and your partner time, money and worry….

Then head over to the studio to shop all our resources

Your warm, caring and professional nature was clear to see. You took us through every step of the wedding, highlighting aspects we wouldn’t have even known existed! Planning a wedding is so daunting and alien as we’d never planned one before, you made it feel like a breeze. You are an expert in your field and it truly shows. We trusted every word you said and every decision you made along the way for us, and the day couldn’t have been more beautiful thanks to you. You are a magical person inside and out and we would recommend you to the entire world if we could.