This week I’ve been studying the pinterest wedding trend report and they confirmed the most searched for and sought after inspiration is minimal, personal and natural. 

This is everything my brand is about so I thought it may be useful to share how I work through a design concept and how that translates physically into your wedding design. 

I describe Blonde Army as a wedding and events design studio because we mainly focus on the aesthetics, atmosphere and attitude of the day. 

Design to me is a sensory experience as it’s all about how it makes you and your guests feel. Everyone is a participant on the day, not a spectator. So by curating a day with the guests journey at the core my designs go beyond the aesthetic and are thoughtful and full of heart and soul. After-all, memories are made by people, not things and so it’s the guests experience I focus on. 

I want to take you through a stunning editorial I was asked to style last year named ‘Light in the Dark’. The concept was inspired by Stephanie Green who is a beautiful photographer for both weddings and lifestyle and a wonderful calm soul to have around you on your wedding day. 

The concept was inspired by a poem ‘All I know About Love’ by Neil Gaiman, who had written the piece for a friends weddings. As a creative to be given material like this to work from is a total dream!

The poem is a very human confession that regardless of your experience you can never fully know or teach love. It is a personal experience. A journey you learn individually and daily. Very apt for a wedding reading. It was then important to me to portray a very open and welcoming atmosphere – warm, laid-back and casual.

Myself and Stephanie worked together to devise the colour palette of black and grey and natural textures. My main aim was to create something elegant without being stuffy and minimalist without being empty.

My staple style is minimalism and echos scandi design, so when choosing the tablewear, I chose quality over quantity and used items of varying tones and textures. When you use tones and textures it elevates a design concept and gives the table a feeling of warmth and luxury without having to overcrowd. The watercolour stationery suite provided by The Golden Letter added to those textures and the hand-drawn calligraphy element added a more personal and luxury finish.

For the floral design I opted for lots of lush greenery to maintain simplicity and provide that natural element. The poem is all about stripping it back and being raw and honest. It was a conscious choice to use more foliage than flowers. From the simple brown bottle arrangements to the casually constructed hanging installation, all created by Sula Flowers, the effect is natural, neutral and humble.

I styled the Bride and Groom very much how they would dress in their everyday life – matching Doc Martins, the groom in a t-shirt and the bride wearing a simple two-piece. This was important to maintain the personal element as this is exactly what the poem explains.

Stephanie interpreted the theme by playing with dark backgrounds, using low light, and dark shadows to make for a more moody, timeless and ambient aesthetic. I interpreted ‘light in the dark’ within the bride and groom and the playfulness they brought to the shoot. I always want to project the personalities of my clients into the design as it should always be a true reflection of them.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this piece and learning about how I use my inspiration to translate to my work. The full editorial was featured on Rock n Roll Bride so if you want to see further images click here.

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