Happy Sunday ! Welcome back to the fourth instalment of my Behind the Brand series. Today I’m so excited to introduce the queen of illustration…Bee Davies. Bee specialises in brush lettering and botanicals and can add that something ‘extra’ to your big day. From personalised jackets, to cards and stationery there are endless opportunities to work with Bee. Her previous clients have featured some of my faves too such as Maids to Measure and Anthropologie! Let’s hear from Bee as she tells us all about herself and Bee Davies Illustration…

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your company

I’m Bee, an illustrator and all round creative originally from the Midlands, but escaped to London for University 8 years ago and never looked back. I’m a lover for type and florals and my work is predominantly obsessive over that. I started the wedding side of my business a few years ago when an old friend of mine asked me to do her wedding stationery for her, she then asked if I could transfer my hand painted florals and calligraphy onto a jacket for her… a match made in heaven!

2. What do weddings mean to you?

As an illustrator it is hard to find where you fit into the industry; it’s an ever changing sea of influences and styles and we aren’t always valued. Weddings, for me is the perfect fit. I absolutely love how each client is so happy and excited to plan their big day (I am yet to experience a Bridezilla thankfully!), and there is so much happening in the industry constantly which I didn’t expect. I think before you really get into the wedding scene you think ‘How different can each wedding really be?’, but once you are exposed to the amazing array of talent and passion from suppliers you realise how ambitious and inspiring every one is. And I’m so happy to be a part of it. Everyone has each others back its like a family.

3. As a professional in the wedding field what are your 5 top tips to couples

1. Be organised – there is nothing ‘bridezilla’ about getting your time and budgets in order as soon as possible – this allows for those little extras you have been dreaming about and for me the more notice the better

2. Trust your supplier – they know what they’re doing so don’t freak out that they won’t understand your vision because stranger things have always been asked. This leads nicely onto…

3. Think BIG ( if you can why not!) like I said any idea is possible and the crazier the idea the better for me (I hand painted a jacket which was solely the Bride’s to be farm animals last year)

4. Appreciate that the work is all bespoke and hand painted – these things take time, care and a lot of patience so I need that from you too!

5. Enjoy the process! This happens once 🙂

4. What are couple’s main questions and concerns when they approach you?

The most common questions I get are ‘do I have enough time’ and the general answer is there is always enough time honey! Just be organised and good to go once I ask all of the questions I need from you. Also whether I paint on faux or denim (Yes I do I can paint on pretty much anything). Also the big one ‘This may not make sense’, but I am an illustrator who went to an art university for 3 years, again I have most probably seen crazier ideas so never hesitate.

5. What’s been the highlight of your career so far? 

Being asked to exhibit at the National Wedding Show last year – it was my first big stand doing it solo and it was the most stressful yet rewarding and enjoyable experience to date. Also painting 10 jackets for Jade Holland Coopers wedding turning then over in less than 2 weeks – again one of the most stressful and rewarding experiences.

6. What would you love to see more of in the wedding industry?

I think the wedding industry is going in the right direction with more alternative options. Shows like Most Curious and magazines like Rock n Roll Bride – more of this please!

7. Five things you’re loving in life at the moment?

  • Running
  • Negronis
  • Gold metallic paint
  • Netflix
  • Clear lip gloss.

Thank you so much Bee for sharing your insights with us. Follow and Connect with Bee Davies Illustration:

Photography credits:

1. Blue haired bride: Dandrew Photography

2. Two brides walking away: The Curries Co 

3. Kissing with sparklers: Melissa Beattie Photography 

4. Red haired bride: Harry Michael Photography 

5. Back of ‘bride’ jacket: Wyld Bee Photography