It’s Sunday again which means it’s time for another edition of ‘Behind the Brand’. I’m so grateful to all of the wonderful suppliers who have joined me in this series and allowed us to get to know them that little bit more. My fifth instalment welcomes floral engineers Blooming Haus. Blooming Haus is a visionary florist design studio rooted in the craft of master floristry. They curate timeless, natural and harmonious floral masterpieces and describe themselves as bold, brave & dynamic – my kinda florist! I’ve worked alongside founder Michal on a number of projects now, so it’s an absolute pleasure to have him on the blog sharing his wise words.

City Hearts : Wild Souls Editorial

1 – Tell us about yourself and your company

We started our company in 2014 as a pop-up store in Chelsea. Our concept of a small store grew into a wedding and events florist that specialises in romantic and natural arrangements. Michal Kowalski is our main lead designer responsible for the creative of Blooming Haus, while Michael takes over the business part. That’s a perfect combo and an equal split of responsibilities that allows Blooming Haus to grow strong and big. Our team has a few talented florists, who find passion in creating beautiful and trendy floral artworks. 

2 – What do weddings mean to you?

It goes without saying that a wedding is a unique celebration. It brings friends and families together and is characterised by happiness. For us, it symbolises the commitment that the couple makes to each other. We love to be a part of their story.

Weddings are also a way for the couple to celebrate what they like. We often see them go for specific themes, colours or decorations that are reminiscent of either the day they met, a unique moment they shared together or the memory of a loved one. That is why floral arrangements, selection and designs are important and meaningful as they not only embellish a space but also convey a message.

3 – As a professional in your field, what are your top 5 tips regarding your craft?

Tip#1: Never save on quality. We have seen that any attempt to try to save by compromising the quality of flowers and foliage sourced is a bad idea. High-quality suppliers are a must in order to ensure consistency and high quality for all events. 

Tip#2: Always plan ahead. The earlier the planning, the more time there is to refine the designs. Also, the earlier you start, the more time you have to explore different ideas and finalise the concept months before your wedding day. It’s more time for you! 

Tip#3: Get to know your clients. Many times, couples come forward with a list of designs and colours they would like to have. Sometimes, we find that it is not what they want! Getting to know our couples helps us find what they are truly fond of and what type of deco would make their celebration unforgettable. Their background, their memories, their likes and dislikes should all be encapsulated within floral arrangements and other decorations. 

Tip#4: Don’t be afraid to be different. Many times, we see that couples opt for something they have seen before and many florists will just go along. As master florists, we always suggest more ideas and strive to make our floral arrangements as creative and as different as possible. 

Tip#5: Be open. It is very important to be very clear with the clients as to what they should expect within their budget, the preparations involved, the day-of logistics, and any other details. After all, this is their special day and everything should be like they’ve dreamt of. 

4 – What are the couple’s main questions and concerns when they book you?

  • Our availability
  • Cost 
  • Floral availability
  • Colour palettes
  • Venue ideas
  • If their vision can be fulfilled within their budget
  • Types/sizes of arrangements based on the table layouts

5 – What’s been the highlight of your career so far?

Working with friendly people and a great variety of other professionals such as photographers, make-up artists, wedding planners (like Lianne), cake makers, fashion designers…

Working at fantastic locations such as the Natural History Museum, Hedsor House, Cliveden House, Aynhoe Park, Kirtlington Park, and others. 

All the beautiful words and reviews we get from our customers. On a few occasions, we’ve had hand-written cards sent to us to thank us for our work. Many of our customers have also become our friends! It’s definitely the most rewarding part of our job 🙂

6 – What would you love to see more in the wedding industry?

Creativity. There is never enough creativity for the world to handle! It is often seen in the wedding industry that many couples, planners or venues simply copy ideas from one another. 

Less competition and more cooperation between suppliers. Without each other we wouldn’t be able to exist and with one another we can only grow stronger. From our experience, all the jobs where we collaborated with other suppliers turned out to be the most memorable and special ones. 

7 – 5 things we wouldn’t know about you

  • I love candles, I can never have enough of them!
  • I’m also a compulsive perfume buyer 
  • Middle Eastern food all the day, although lately there’s been a lot of Japanese in my diet.
  • I’m a flexitarian – 95% vegan and 5% pescatarian 🙂
  • I exercise 7x a week and I have never been a big fan of chocolate hahah

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