Happy Monday Everyone!

Here we are in the final week leading up to Christmas – I honestly can’t believe it ! Apologies for being a day late with my weekly blog post but I’ve been entertaining my Mum who has been visiting – so we’ve been bopping around the City doing all things London and Christmas. It’s been lovely – I hope you’ve all had fabulous weekends too 🙂

After thinking and chatting about how to style your table this Christmas it made me consider what actually needs to go on the table at Weddings. What are the ‘must-haves’ and what can be disregarded now we are starting to set our own rules and let our personalities out in our wedding design.

Favours immediately came to mind as I have received some lovely ones and some….well not so! Please no more sugared almonds or lace boxes with treats in. Please. These are the traditional ‘we must have favours’ favours and they are sooo last season circa 1990.

Firstly, do you even need to offer favours? Couples are trying to include much more in their wedding day so if you’re already stretching your budget, my advice would be to consider dropping these. They can get lost on the tables and often get left behind anyway.

On the other hand, favours are becoming more inventive and it’s so lovely when a couple has taken the time to stamp their personality on their day.  I love seeing new ideas and even suppliers are bringing more ideas to the table.

When considering your favours here are a few points I run through with my clients to check they are necessary to their big day;

  • Are they adding anything to the day?
  • Are they useful or meaningful?
  • Are they going to take up too much of your time – making/sourcing?
  • Are they going to impose on your wedding table decor?

If you answer no to any of the above then it may be with considering spending the time and money on another aspect of your wedding.  Although, you may be able to tie them in with something you’re already offering (free bar, pick’n’mix table etc). If you’re still keen to have favours then below are a few alternatives that can add to your day in more ways than one;


The confetti cannon;
One of my faves – who doesn’t love a confetti cannon! And as I’ve mentioned in a previous post – confetti is back and is so totally cool. Guests love to pop these over the couple or each other and it also adds to the decor and party vibe!


Free bespoke cocktail or shot;
If you’re not providing a free bar (and not that you should) then designing a bespoke cocktail that describes you a couple can be a really fun addition and surprise. You can design a personalised ticket added to everyone’s setting for them to redeem at any point. And who doesn’t love a free drink!

Following on the drinks theme, a free shot can be offered too. This could then be done together as a whole party at the end of the final speech – a toast to the couple and the start to all the dancing and partying to come…..get to that dance floor!


Coffee pouch for the morning after;
A very necessary idea after a night of celebrating. Again there are so many designs out there and can be personalised. A lovely take away for your guests who can use the morning after or whenever they’d like !


Favour table:
Favours don’t have to be on your tables either, especially if they don’t fit with your minimalist, pure white theme. The idea of the sweet cart is transforming and last year we saw the rise of the doughnut wall. Guests can help themselves to create their own bespoke pick n mix or decorated doughnut. All kept in a personalised box as their little wedding party bag. You could offer adult party bags with a hangover kit inside or if guests are staying over a little overnight kit. These can be all set up on a separate table, displayed together which creates a greater impact and guests will probably notice them more.


The Double-Up:
I’ve seen a real move towards doubling up on gifts and place settings. Candles, plants and plates that are already part of the table design are being inscribed or written on to act as pace settings also. A very chic and genius idea I think!

So there you have it. Just a few simple ideas that can have a positive impact on your day.

If you have any ideas or have received some awesome favours I’d love to hear about them so please leave me a comment below.

I’ll be back next week with my final post of 2017!

Have a wonderful week everyone!

With love,

Lianne x

Images sourced from instagram and pinterest.