Confetti is BACK and it’s cool again. There are lots of fun companies out there restyling confetti and helping you style and capture these wonderful moments on your big day or celebration.

Gone are the days of the pastel coloured rice paper, awkwardly stuck together with Aunt Moira wanging a whole load in your face, before it drops limply to the floor…..

Confetti moments are becoming one one of the most requested photos at weddings and some couples favourite shots of the day. I’ve had a snoop around pinterest and instagram to help show you how magical these shots can really be.


Cool right?!

So here are a few tips on how you too can create that uber cool celebratory photo…

1. Confetti cannons. These are the bad boys that a truly making an impact. And there are so many options to choose from! They are much more directional and help to elevate the confetti into the air so you get greater coverage and fall time. They are also easy to transport and hand out so no lost confetti – yey!

2. Opt for foil. The modern confetti. You can choose from one colour to multi-coloured depending on the theme/vibe of your day. It works well indoors and outdoors as it reflects the light so can create something special. Just check if you’re venue will allow you to use it as most is non-biodegradable.

3. Nature lovers? Instead of dried rose petals or silk flowers which are quite dated now, opt for leaves for a boho chic feel or for a destination location. Olive leaves are ideal as they will spend more time in the air dancing around you – winner! Or opt for a selection of dried flowers if you want to keep things eco-friendly but still beautiful.


4. Shape up. Opt for a different shape like stars, hearts, strands, or oversized discs. Again these all add to the effect of the image.

5. Give it the time and prep it deserves. Obviously you still want a natural reaction but the set up needs to be thought about. Choose your time and location wisely. Quite a lot of couples are saving this moment for the dance floor now. A gorgeous cascade at the end of your first dance prepping the dance floor for the rest of your party to join you and start throwing some shapes. It may mean a minor military operation to set it up properly but the outcome will sooo be worth it. Promise!


Some of my faves (these are links!) :

Confetti Cannons

Foil Confetti

Paper Confetti

Natural Confetti

Shaped Confetti

So, there you are! These are just a few ideas to help you capture that important confetti shot. If you have any hints or tips that have worked for you I’d love to hear about them so please get in touch.


With Love,

Lianne x


Images: Pinterest, @benjaminwheeler, @officialibizawedding




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