Why work with a wedding designer

15th November 2022

Whilst it may seem fun & exciting at the start, planning a wedding involves a lot of time & dedication. It also involves a lot of knowledge that as a newly engaged couple, entering into wedding planning for the first time, you maybe don’t have or you don’t know where to go to make a start. You may feel completely lost and overwhelmed.

As a wedding designer, my aim is to work alongside my clients to support & nurture their ideas, offer realistic solutions, introduce new ideas and source the right supplier team to deliver their vision.

Firstly, let’s look at ‘what is wedding design?’

Wedding design is all the elements that contribute to the aesthetics of your day. These can include tables, chairs, linen, napkins, furniture, decor, candles, stationery, scent, florals…

It differs slightly from wedding planning as full planning usually covers other elements such as catering, band, venues, outfits etc, whereas wedding design is flexible to suit the clients vision and how much support they feel they need.

Marta D Photography

So, What does a wedding designer do?

We are the architects of your vision. We see the bigger picture and curate the details that make it personal to you.

We design & align the visual aesthetics with the logistics of the day & venue so that your day not only looks but feels cohesive & considered. It is ideal if we join you at the beginning of your wedding planning journey to ensure this. We understand the practicalities, time & investment required to achieve your vision and guide you to make the right decisions for you.

We curate a seamless experience, where your story has many moments throughout the day, creating ever-lasting memories for you & your guests

How to know if you would benefit from working with a wedding designer?

  • You know you want an elevated look but are not sure how to bring it all together
  • You don’t know what’s available or where to go in the industry
  • You want to save yourself time & over-thinking
  • You want assurance that all the elements will work cohesively & in harmony
  • You want faith in the suppliers you have on board that they will deliver
  • You want someone to bounce ideas off who understands how to make it a reality
  • You want someone who understands the industry, to know what’s achievable and how to maximise your budget
  • You want confidence knowing whoever sets up the day for you, understands every little detail

How our design service works?

Our clients work with us for our love and skill of combining simplicity with significance. We prioritise style, individuality and atmosphere.

We begin with a site visit at your venue to understand colours, architecture, lighting and guest journey. From there we create your design brief, ensuring the styling works within your logistics. Once you are happy, this document is used to source & brief the creative team and then lead the delivery of this.

We manage all communications with the supplier team, ensuring they have everything they need, problem solving and allowing you more time for the other elements you are managing. We are then present on the day ensuring everything comes together smoothly as per the design document.

Couples usually book this service when they are seeking a more considered and elevated day. They value the input and guidance of a professional who is experienced and understands how to achieve the look & feel they desire. They are usually time poor so are grateful to be able to trust a designer to curate their vision and keep them updated along the way, so they feel apart of the journey without the worry & over-thinking.

If you feel working with a wedding design is the right step for you, please get in touch so we can start the conversation. Just follow the link below and we will be in touch as soon as we can.