Our wedding journey so far… by Blonde Army wedding clients

1st February 2021

Happy February – Today I am sharing a positive article in the hope that it will inspire and assure other couples in the same situation. My gorgeous clients, K & C, have agreed to share their journey through 2 x postponements and their experience working with Blonde Army. 

K & C are based in North Yorkshire. K owns her own beauty company and C owns his own food/fitness brand and together they have this little cutie, which is B. 

Image by Sarah Taylor

They were due to marry at the stunning Middleton Lodge Estate – a private Georgian Country Estate in Richmond, Yorkshire in November 2020, but of course Covid had other plans. After careful thought, they have decided to postpone to November 2022.  K says they have other life plans and so they were happy to wait to have the big day they had dreamed of, hopefully safe in the knowledge that everyone they want to be there, can be. 

K & C’s vision and style has been a dream to work alongside and I’m looking forward to reimagining their wedding design for their stunning winter wedding next year. 

Image by Gasp Photo

How has it been working with a stylist throughout Covid and your postponement?

It has helped massively just having someone who knows your wedding inside and out, having had to move my date twice I was so demotivated with everything, but speaking to Lianne throughout always kept me calm and seeing all the creative work she has been doing also helped reignite my excitement and keep my eye on new and upcoming wedding styles. We’ve already discussed evolving my wedding style & I know whatever we end up doing I’m confident I will be absolutely in LOVE with it! 

Top tips to couples experiencing postponements?

I feel like I’m not in position to hand out top tips as I am handling Covid and wedding postponements like every other bride I know – changing my mind every 2 hours, switching between valuing just being married to my partner over having the wedding of my dreams and back again, crying, laughing and then being completely over getting married. However, for me I know anything less than what we had originally planned just wouldn’t cut it.

How important is the look, feel and experience of your wedding day for you and your guests?

For me, the look and feel of my wedding day is what makes all the difference, to walk into the venue and be wowed. To make it feel like us.

Image by Sarah Taylor

Did you always want to work with a stylist on your wedding day? 

I always knew what my vision was, but also knew I needed somebody with the same vision, to bring it to life!

Why did you think it would be beneficial to bring a stylist on board?

I wanted my wedding day to be as magical for me as it would have been for my guests, to walk into the venue and my breath be taken away – I don’t think I could have achieved this if I walked in and all I saw is how much stress went into sourcing everything, lugging everything around and setting it all up. I needed an angel to do it for me… 

How did you start looking for a wedding stylist? 

I had been following a lot of chic wedding suppliers/designers/photographers on Instagram to get inspiration for my perfect day.

How did you find Blonde Army?

A lot of the images I had saved to my mood boards all had the same stylist involved…Lianne! 

How did you know Blonde Army was the right fit for you both?

I felt so at ease from the moment I received my first email from Lianne. Everything was explained perfectly, all of my options and how she could help were laid out, she wasn’t intimidating whatsoever and I just felt so at ease and inspired! 

After meeting with Lianne for your design consultation, how did you feel?

An actual match made in heaven – we were totally in tune and I knew I could relax with my wedding in her hands. 

By Gasp Photo

How has Lianne supported you through your wedding journey?

Based on the details of what I already had booked/needed, Lianne sent across an initial design brochure with what she could help with in terms of both styling, sourcing & hire items which was an added bonus – her collection is beautiful!! 

We then had an in-person design consultation where Lianne basically put my vision into words and images and for the first time I could see just how my wedding would look and feel. Lianne followed up with a complete mood board, supplier options all whilst keeping to my budget and making me feel part of the process.

Image by Sarah Taylor

How would you describe Lianne’s approach?

Professional, creative & inspiring!

How did you feel knowing you had a stylist on board?

Completely at ease!

What advice would you give to other couples who value the aesthetic and styling of their wedding day?

BOOK LIANNE ASAP.  Thank you for everything so far – you will forever be my go to stylist for any event in the future XOXO. 

Thank you K & C for sharing your journey and for being such a delight to work with. I’m honestly SO excited to bring everything together for you both in November next year.

If you’d like to find out more about how I can support you, I offer various ways of working together. Please visit my website here and contact me here.

Family portrait images by: Sarah Taylor Photo & Film

Middleton Lodge Images from Google. Credits listed if known. Not work of Blonde Army.