White dresses for bridesmaids are still a little like Marmite….you either love it or hate it…! And for some brides the only one wearing white should be her. Full stop. However, the wedding industry is embracing new trends and changing traditions – which I’m a huge fan of – and it is becoming more popular to see the old ‘dos and don’ts’ not to being adhered to. #sayyestonewtraditions. One of which is bridesmaids in white…


I’m actually a huge fan – when it’s done well. I think it really sets apart the bridal party and provides an element of understated class, elegance and a togetherness of the Bride and her squad.

My latest Bride, Emily, (see previous blog about her gorge wedding here) chose this colour scheme for her maids and so has inspired this post. Her bridal squad is below and aren’t they all just stunning ! The flower girl though….she stole the show!


I’ve scoured pinterest and instagram to come up with some super cute images of my fave bride babes and their squads and 5 tips below on why I think they really work and how you can rock this trend…

1.Texture. Different textures next to each other create depth and naturally will be of a different tone. So it creates a subtle and soft difference but enough to make the bride stand out from her maids. Especially for photographs as textures are really picked up on film. For example, lace and satin would be a perfect combo!

2. Necklines. Opt for different necklines. If the bride has chosen long sleeve then it would be better for the maids to have little or no sleeve dependant on what is comfortable on them. There is also the option of a jumpsuit (I love a jumpsuit!).

3. Choose your material/finish wisely. We all know gals that white can be an unforgiving colour….. So choosing the right material/finish can really make or break your bridal party. We certainly don’t want to see everyone’s panties as they shimmy down the aisle… It really is worth spending out a little more if you’re opting for white so you know the material will be of quality and will provide full coverage. Another fabulous tip is to make sure you take underwear options with you when you and your ladies are dress shopping to ensure you have everything covered – literally!

4. Bouquets. We’ve seen in the past that the bridesmaid’s generally have a smaller posey of the bride’s bouquet. But what if they had something completely different?! A single flower, a tall stem bouquet, just greenery, the colour theme…..

5. Shoes. A vital piece of a wedding outfit that I feel often gets overlooked for bridesmaids but can be a very clever and classy design choice. If the dresses are ankle length or shorter than a statement shoe can really finish an outfit. It allows you to introduce colour and again create a point of difference from the bride.



I’ve got to admit as a white addict I personally love this design idea. I think it looks really cohesive in photos and the smaller details you can play with like shoes, accessories and bouquets, can be very subtle but can have a huge impact – which is very much my style.


I hope you like the post and it may have inspired you to try a new trend. Let me know your thoughts!

With Love,
Lianne x


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You’re welcome lovely! Glad you enjoyed the post! Thanks for your kind words xx

I love this idea Lianne. I think it’s something fresh and modern and definitely something I will consider. Thanks for the inspiration. Loved this blog post x