A styled shoot is where a collective of wedding creatives come together to collaborate to create fresh inspiration and demonstrate their craft. They help inspire couples with ideas, challenge the way we may usually do something and provide assurance that something is achievable or will work in a certain space…

Styled shoots also provide us with content and as we aren’t experiencing the busy wedding season we had hoped for and producing the content we usually do, we need styled shoots to stay current, keep visible and continue inspiring future clients. 

Right now, everyone is looking online for inspiration and taking that extra time to find the right suppliers. Styled shoots aren’t always an easy thing to plan, style and coordinate but the results will be absolutely worth it. Here are my top five reasons you need to be doing styled shoots;

1 – Killer Content – We live in a visual world and you need to be producing the content you want to attract. Clients want to feel assured and confidant that you can create/capture what they are looking for. The more content you have the more visible you can be across multiple marketing channels to increase your chances of being seen by the right clients. 

2 – Creative Network – Your network is your strongest tool. Word of mouth is still the strongest form of booking. Creating professional relationships not only builds your trust in them but their trust in you and can lead to future referrals and recommendations. Maintaining a network of like-minded creatives who align with your vision not only feeds the creative soul but will help your work look and feel cohesive and on brand. 

3 – New Vibes – Styled shoots are your opportunity to try something fresh and new. When you work with clients they ultimately have the final say and dictate what they’d like. Styled shoots allow you creative freedom, time and practise opportunity to try that new concept/idea. It can be ideal if you’re wanting to head in a new direction with your business and attract a new type of client. 

4. Experience – If you’re new to the industry then working on shoots can give you the experience of what it’s like to work on events and weddings, understanding what goes into them, how to set up, how to capture and work with models etc. It’s a safe environment for you to explore how you work best and how to overcome challenges – as believe me there are always some! They also help to build confidence, knowledge and expertise so you feel even more prepared when working on client jobs.

5 – Bookings – Styled shoots can lead to bookings. Being consistent with the work I’m creating and putting out to the world, has been the reason some of my clients have chosen to work with me. And it’s the best feeling- ever!

I love seeing the end results of styled shoots and everyone’s creativity being celebrated and showcased. Styled shoots are complex and have many components to consider, so I am now offering style-led content workshops for photographers and videographers. I’ve done all the ground work, so you don’t have to!

Basically, if you are looking for epic concepts, chic styling and stunning models to capture… then you need to join us.

CHAPTERS – style-led content workshops. 4th August 2020.

Sign up via this link to receive the concept, team and how to book. 

See you there !!

First 3 images and Chapters Promo Shots: Emma Ryan Photography

Second 3 images: Stephanie Green Photography

Third 3 images and feature: Your Elegant Brand