Microweddings – luxe and lovely

8th October 2020

Why small is equally beautiful and special

I’m not going to lie, we all feel a little deflated after the recent government announcements and that is absolutely ok to feel like that.

Having spoken in length with my clients and what is important to them, some have decided to postpone and some have decided to plan a more intimate occasion.

I fully support both options. If you had your heart set on a bigger wedding and you’re in a position where you can postpone and are happy to wait, then make arrangements to do so. YOU DO YOU. Equally, if you just want to marry your other half in the most beautiful way that is currently possible, then hopefully I can shed some advice and inspiration to show you just how special small can be.

Firstly, what is a micro-wedding? Traditionally it is a wedding with no more than 50 guests and so right now under current guidelines this is the only kind of wedding that can take place.

I appreciate there are other rulings such as social distancing, face masks and no signing/dancing. My advice is to work with these guidelines so they feel apart of your day rather than your day being disrupted by them.

Provide your guests with face masks. Opt for a luxury design, possibly silk or satin so it feels a little more special for them. You could embroider on your wedding date – it certainly would be unique way to remember your wedding day. Providing masks also ensures cohesiveness for your photos.

To avoid feeling disappointed about not being able to dance, invest in your dining experience. This is where your guests will spend most of their day anyway so make it feel like a swanky restaurant. Upgrade your wine and food. Design your table layout to be more sociable. Invest in beautiful, luxury floral arrangements and scented candles. Drape the tables in quality linen. Elevate the experience so you don’t feel like you’re missing out on something.

Having a smaller guest list means you have more time. You may not realise it but guiding 100 guests to their seats or to have photos taken, takes time. By having a smaller guest list you can have a more relaxed flow to your day as everything will run that little bit more seamless.

You will have more time per guest. No polite chit chat with a distant relative. You have more time with those you are closest too and are important in your life right now.

And the best bit…. you can plan a 2nd celebration for your 1 year anniversary. A huge soiree for all your friends and family who couldn’t attend your micro-wedding. A relaxed yet elegant party where you can share memories of your wedding day and make new ones celebrating 1 year as newlyweds.

I hope this has helped to view smaller weddings in a positive way. It may be for you, it may not. Whatever way you decide to celebrate your love, I wish you every happiness.

If you feel a chat with a professional would help, so you can weigh up all your options, I offer a support service where I can help you decide and plan your next steps. Just drop me an email lianne@blondearmy.co.uk or read more about my services here. I’d love to hear from you.

Lianne x

All images in this journal entry are by Dani Louise Photography from Miles Workshop

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