Claiming control of your wedding during Covid-19

25th September 2020

On Tuesday 22nd September 2020, the wedding industry took another hit. A reduction in guest numbers meaning weddings of only 15 guests were now allowed for a proposed period of 6 months.


For couples all across the UK who have already postponed, scaled back, unplanned, replanned and made peace with the fact their original wedding was no longer going to take place in the way that they had hoped.

For all suppliers who have been on that emotional journey with their clients through postponements, replanning, date juggling, loss of income through cancellations and cutbacks and now a further possible 6 months of uncertainty.

I’m a natural problem solver and control freak – yes its true! So when faced with uncertainty I naturally find ways to seek out the positives and take control of the things that can remain in my control.

First thing is to stop. pause. wait. rest. Emotions will be high and you have to allow yourself to ride those out, however much your instinct may want you to push on. Then gather all the facts and information you know so you can understand what can and can’t be changed.

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If you’re wedding is happening from 2021 onwards I would stay in the pause position. Things are constantly changing so making decisions right now, may be time and energy wasted and cause unnecessary worry and panic.

If you’re hoping to marry in 2020 then all may not be as bad as it first appears. Yes there will certainly be changes but there are definitely options, you just have to work out your priorities. Above all, regardless of the pressure to now have an intimate wedding due to the decrease in guest numbers, you still need to do what’s right for you.

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Here I share my 7 steps to claiming back control of your wedding during Covid-19;

  1. Take your time

This is a very emotional time. Allow yourself to feel every emotion, and I’m sure there will be plenty. Not only are you dealing with a very personal occasion being flipped 180…you’re also managing many other changes caused by the pandemic. It’s a hell of a lot, and it’s ok to feel emotional about it. However, try not to make any decisions during this state. Allow yourself the time to process, before taking action.

2. Listen to your gut

Once the emotion fades your gut instinct will steer you in a direction. Try and listen to this. Friends and family will try and help you navigate this and share their opinion, because they care, but what really matters is what you both truly want and care about.

3. Check your contracts and T&Cs

Whilst you’re trying to make your decisions, check back on contracts and T&Cs to see what is easily adjustable. It will aid your conversations with your suppliers and help make decisions.

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4. Gather your facts from reliable sources

Make sure you fully understand was it and isn’t allowed. Check how your venue are navigating the new rules with regards to logistics and seating etc. I know how quickly noise builds up in the media and across social platforms, so I’d advise taking a break from these. Keep checking in with reliable sources who will share the latest information. Some of these are:

4. Consider all your options

Once you have all the information, you can make informed decisions. Can you postpone and allow yourself the joyful build up when all of this has hopefully passed? Are you happy to have an intimate wedding with the restrictions in place – intimate can absolutely still be beautiful and special. Would you consider splitting your day – marry now, and party later?

5. Talk to your suppliers

Suppliers are having it hard right now. Their work is their livelihood and that is being taken from them. Be kind, be patient. Share your thoughts and open a conversation about what can be adjusted to make a new plan. They will inevitably be having these conversations with various couples, so there will be a lot of juggling, worry and anxiety going on for them too. Work together to achieve your new goal.

6. Speak to a professional

If you think discussing all your options with a professional may be useful, I offer a 121 virtual service where we can chat through everything and I can help make sense of your situation and what the best outcome may be for you both. Sometimes it’s good to speak to someone outside of your wedding as they can help you gain clarity and may offer something you hadn’t thought about. Click here to find out more about my SUPPORT Service.

7. Look after yourself and each other

I know its been a shocker of a year and I am so sorry you are experiencing all of this in the lead up to your wedding day. It’s not fair, it’s not fun but it is, what it is. And I don’t mean for that to sound so flippant. It’s quite easy to take the stress of the situation out on each other, so take time away from your wedding and spend time doing things you both enjoy. Seek out new inspiration to get you excited about how you plan to proceed, whether that’s an elopement or an intimate ceremony. You can find inspiration from me and Blonde Army here.

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If you really want to proceed with your original wedding plans then splitting your day may be the option. Host your legal ceremony now and save all your hard work and plans for the future when you can enjoy the day you had envisioned.

I have partnered with Emma Ryan Photography to create a marry now, party later service, so you literally get to relax whilst we plan everything for you. We understand the additional time and energy you may have had to pour into your wedding due to Covid-19, so we want to take that off your hands.

(Read my previous blog here on why you may consider a small ceremony.)

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Big love to you all, Lianne x