Welcome to the Army

11th October 2017

Hello and welcome! Today is a very exciting day for me today for 2 reasons. If you’re reading this then you’ll know my website has launched and my first blog post is live ! Blonde Army is a business idea that I’ve been brewing for a while and finally I jumped in with two feet and made it happen. Yey- go me!

Juggling other work, a house move and a website build has been pretty demanding on my time and wellbeing but I can honestly say it’s been bloody worth it. This new world I’ve found myself in is so welcoming, alive and inspiring. I’ve got so much to share with you already and ideas coming out of my ears !!

Blonde Army to me is a passion, not a job. It’s something I live and breathe. Ultimately I style and plan gorgeous events for gorgeous people but for me it goes further than that. It’s about making people happy and realising they can achieve more than they ever set out to achieve. Through my mentoring I want people to embrace who they really are. My styling celebrates you as individuals, you as a couple and you as part of the bigger picture.

I guess that idea was the inspiration behind my business name. An army in the sense that we got your back. An army of support, guidance and assurance. And blonde – well because I am – and don’t blondes always have more fun?! Joking, not joking 🙂 Well yeh, I just wanted to show my playful side and that working with a sense of humour is so important. Laughter is the best medicine right?! None of us are getting out of here alive so lets crack on and do what we love. I hope to inspire brides to have their dream day and to inspire other dreamers to start doing.

On that note….watch. this. space.