Cheers to You !

Congratulations! Whether you're celebrating an engagement, announcement or birthday milestone - when you're ready to put down the champagne, Blonde Army will be here to help you plan an occasion truly and exclusively you.

Why Blonde Army

The Blonde Army Experience

Our clients come to us seeking simplicity and significance. We provide luxury services that help achieve clarity both in the planning and styling.

Blonde Army was created out of a love for style and storytelling, a need to educate and empower clients and to provide services that work for today’s modern life.

Working with an event designer is not just a luxury, it is a necessity, and we are passionate about making our services accessible for all.

We are known for our fashion-forward concepts, creative edge and seamless execution. We fully embrace ‘less is more’ but go above and beyond on experience and atmosphere.  We certainly bring the party and one your guests will always rave about.

Whether you’re newly engaged, close to your wedding date or a brand who needs some creative direction…Blonde Army can provide a solution.

I always begin any journey with a client with an informal call to understand your needs and to get to know each other. Following that call, I will then create a bespoke proposal and quotation.