"If you are a lover of detail, design and damn good parties, we are gonna get along just fine!"
Who's the blonde?
Founder + Creative Director

Hey, I'm Lianne. A lover of quality design and considered details and I live by the value that 'less is more'. I believe luxury lies in the little things and it's the little things I love to take care of. To me, design is more than just the aesthetic of the day, it's the full sensory experience. I seek inspiration from fashion, art + nature, I love to play with textures and of course throw an epic party!

I aim to design weddings that capture you, your story and your journey together. I aim to work with couples who are fearlessly themselves. Who care for traditions but want to express themselves in their own unique way.

I weave my passion for creative detail, love for organisation, creativity and playful approach to ensure the wedding journey is one of enjoyment. I pride myself on capturing the essence of my clients and designing a full experience that is truly unique, unforgettable and delivers beyond expectations.

ARMY /ˈɑːmi/ noun :
an organised force. Military precision. Your comrade. Your support. Blonde - because blonde's have more fun, right?!

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My Background

Combining my background as a professionally trained actress with my 10 years experience in events, it is no surprise I have built a business in the wedding industry. My passion for people, entertaining and organising are at the core of Blonde Army.

I grew up in the beautiful Lake District and am still very much a Northerner at heart. I currently live in London and have been here for 12 years. I also have bases in York , Manchester + The Lake District. When I’m not working I love to travel, immersing myself in new worlds. Adventure fills my soul and I’m constantly exploring. I enjoy getting outdoors, keeping fit and wine/gin/espresso martinis with friends - it's all about the balance!

I look forward to working with you.

Warm wishes,
Lianne x


Travel | Minimalism | Espresso Martinis

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Sea salt dark chocolate | Fresh bed sheets | Sunshine

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