What is a Wedding Stylist and what role do they play in your wedding day?

With the wedding industry growing in choice from types of venue, to style of ceremony, decor, entertainment and more, it really is an exciting time to be planning a wedding. Couples are feeling more empowered to design and create a day that truly reflects them as a couple and are setting their own traditions.

Although choice and options can be positive, it can also feel quite confusing. Many couples are confidant and happy to take on all the planning and organising but some couples feel they need some help to achieve the look and feel that they have in their mind and ensure a cohesive design. 

Here is were you may enlist the help of a Wedding Stylist.

A Wedding Stylist mainly concentrates on the look and feel of your day and will often create a visual concept and then proceed to source and manage all suppliers who have an impact on the aesthetics of your day; including stationery, florals, linen and napkins, table wear, furniture, decor and props, cake etc. We make sure everything has a purpose, is cohesive and fluid and most importantly, is true to you as a couple.

You may want help on the whole aesthetic or a particular area like the table styling, aisle styling, creating a lounge area or photo opportunity. 

A wedding stylist has the experience of how certain elements can work in a space, how best to dress certain venues and have an extensive network of suitable suppliers that fit both your style and budget. We will also suggest how to make the most of your wedding design and how you can reuse certain elements like props and florals to maximise on your spend.  Not to mention saving you time. So much time researching, emailing, pinning and wondering if you’re ideas will all work together…

We always have your guests experience at the forefront of our minds. For me design isn’t just visual it’s the full sensory experience. Your guests, most probably, will not know the type of linen or card stock you have chosen, but these will reflect a level of quality and thought you’ve put into your wedding design and this will make your guests feel a certain way. It really is in the little things and it’s these little things I love to discuss with my couples to help their event be recognisable as theirs and be something different that their guests will remember.

On the day itself, you have the peace of mind and confidence knowing someone you’ve had along the process with you is setting up and ensuring every detail is in it’s place. And any issues that do crop up are handled in the way you would like them to be.

More than just a wedding service, a wedding stylist can also be a friend and an ear who can listen to you outside of the wedding party. Planning a wedding can be consuming and overwhelming and a lot of couples can overthink the process – because they care so much of course. However, working with a professional who is experienced and knowledgable in the industry, being able to call upon them for their opinion can really help settle nerves and put minds at ease. 

As a stylist, I’m extremely collaborative and all my ideas are discussed openly with you. I am working for you, and so I take the time to get to know you both as individuals and as a couple and then make suggestions that I truly believe you would love. I always provide options as sometimes seeing something you don’t want helps to confirm what you do want. 

My “Design’ service also provides flexibility depending on your budget. From full aesthetic management to key areas you want additional help on, we work together to make the process one of ease and enjoyment and so you absolutely feel the investment is worth it.

In summary, a wedding stylist is a key investment if the look and feel of your wedding, plus all the details, is really important to you as a couple. We can save you time, money and worry and provide you with assurance and clarity. As long as you’ve had a stress-free, enjoyable journey and the best day on your budget…I’ve done my job. 🙂

My Design service is fast becoming my hero service so to find out more visit my services page and email me for a services brochure: lianne@blondearmy.co.uk

The images shared throughout this blog are from an editorial where I was asked to create and style the concept for the venue. The venue is already ornately beautiful, with character and history so I chose to work with a subtle colour palette to compliment rather than distract. The main focus was simple and significant moments that injected the couple’s personality but still felt clean, calm and luxurious.

This intimate, city shoot was featured on Love My Dress. You can view the gallery and creative team here.