It’s heartbreaking for us all that weddings and events that have been planned, worked on and eagerly anticipated are now completely out of our control. 

I am not going to advise what you should and shouldn’t do as right now without clear guidelines no-one knows and there is still so much uncertainty. I also think many opinions isn’t helpful and actually more paralysing. 

What I do want to do is offer a voice of calm and positivity in these uncertain and confusing times- to both clients and fellow suppliers. 

As a planner and events manager working in the industry for over 10 years, I’ve experienced my fair share of stressful times and navigating through them. I appreciate this is completely new territory for us all – both couples and businesses alike, but I encourage you all to remain calm and positive through tricky times and to see opportunities and solutions.

A calm, level-headed approach is best. 

Couples – seek out the right advice  – your insurance company and your suppliers. Communicate with them and ask what they are doing at this time. What precautions are they taking etc. Where do you stand with your policy and any existing contracts.

Suppliers – speak to a lawyer. Without governments bans we are all sitting in grey areas regarding cancellations/postponements and our contracts. Speak to the professionals. 

I recommend some of the below articles for further advice/information. They are sharing advice from experts in the field to openly discuss the options and possibilities available to you as a supplier and as a client. 

Most wedding suppliers are a small business and we are all learning through this together so let’s talk, be gentle, be reasonable, be open.  I’m already moved by everyone’s flexibility, proactive attitude and pulling together. We really are in a wonderful industry.

However tempting it is I would avoid/limit social media for a while. Everyone is of course worried but hysteria quickly builds up. There’s a lot of noise and emotion at present and sometimes that’s distracting and unhelpful.

Please don’t feel your wedding is ruined. You do not need to cancel, no-one wants you to do that, if you have to then postpone it. It may not happen as soon as you had hoped or planned for but it will still happen.  Your efforts, your time, your work will all count. It will just happen a little later, and by then my goodness we all will want to party – hard! 🙂

Mental health and wellbeing is a priority to me and my clients when planning a wedding, and now more than ever. We are all going to encounter changes to our daily lives but we don’t have to feel out of control if we choose how we react. It just requires us to think a little creatively and change our habits – maybe some changes will be for the best. 

If you find yourself at home either working or not – let’s make use of the time;

Exercise – do home work outs, use youtube, apps…

Fresh Air – I’m a big believer that nature is a healer and so good for a healthy mind. So get up early and head for a walk when it’s the most quiet around you so you can maintain safe distancing.

Routine – we are creatures of habit so try and create some routine. It keeps us sane! Split your day into 2 hour blocks and plan to do different things.

Cook – health and immunity is so important now so enjoy learning a new recipe, spend time cooking and baking… 

Read – escape into a book, get lost in a novel or learn something new. A language, a skill, upscale your knowledge…

DIY – are there odd jobs around the house you keep meaning to finish but never do – do them…

Spring clean – well it is almost time- so do it now. Have a clear out and donate to food banks & charity shops. Goodness knows we may need them more than ever once we are out the other side and the economy is so different.

Make that call – or Facetime. That friend/relative you keep meaning to catch up with. Call them. 

Business tasks  – those ones the always get put on the back burner. Email for testimonials, update your website, bulk write blogs, update Pinterest, upscale you learning, get on top of your accounts…you’ll thank yourself later!

Find new ways to keep your mind active, be creative, inventive, playful and invite humour. This will pass and things will be ok. Just be calm, kind and considerate –  the whole world is learning, fighting together. 

I am happy to speak with anyone who needs a friend or someone familiar with the industry to talk to. Just drop me an email here.

I’m so far pleased to say it’s business as usual at Blonde Army HQ and I am so excited to launch my hire collection…. I aim to bring normality and hope to us all. 

Check my instagram and website for updates. 

Sending love and positivity to you all, 

Lianne x

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