Good Morning everyone!

In the UK, not many Brides know about or understand the role and the difference a wedding planner can make to your wedding planning journey.

For those of you who don’t know, a good wedding planner is someone who supports and guides you. They do not tell you how you should have your day. (Or at least they shouldn’t ! If you have a planner like this, step away now…..)

We are naturally organised people who actually love organising ! Guilty over here! We are good at time management and being able to see the bigger picture. It’s very easy as a Bride and Groom to get caught up in all the finer details and design prettiness, and why shouldn’t you, so it’s good to have a planner as they can concentrate on the logistics, deadlines and budget management. We live and breathe weddings so are fuelled with good advice and have many contacts in the industry helping you achieve what you want quicker. Saving you time, energy and disappointment. Oh and we LOVE chatting all things wedding, so you can chat away to us to your hearts content!

The biggest fear people have is that hiring a wedding planner eats into your budget. However our expertise ensure your budget it kept to and managed accordingly. Therefore spending a portion of your budget on a planner can save you a lot of money and time in the long run. We can help you realise hidden costs or costs you’d never even considered. So actually we are money well spent. (Ker-ching!) We are also practised in reading contracts and knowing legal requirements – basically all the boring stuff you probably don’t have the time to do!

Another good reason for hiring a planner is that at times everything can become overwhelming. Choice, budget, deadlines, guest list as well as a full time job; a planner can relieve you of some of these tasks and help you keep focused. It’s very easy to start wanting everything at your wedding as there is an abundance of choice available now, however your budget may not allow for it or even the venue choice so a planner will always help you make the right decisions for you. And decisions that mean something to you and your partner not just because you think you should have it. As professionals, we are not emotionally attached in the same way you are, therefore we are better at seeing the bigger picture and can help you realise your unnecessary choices. We make the day about you not the hundreds of pinterest posts you pinned…

On The Day Management is another area overlooked by couples. Bridesmaids and Ushers are ladened with tasks but do you really want your best mates running around when they should be looking after you and enjoying the day?! A planner ensures flowers and signage is taken from your ceremony to reception. We co-ordinate transport and move guests safely from one venue to another. We ensure all wedding stationery is in place, styling and candles are alight for your big entrance, the timings of the day are kept to and…well you get the idea. Portable loos? Yes we will even keep them tidy and stocked up with loo roll. Do you really think Aunt Joyce wants that job? And after 2 sherrys she will certainly forget…..

Even if you have a wedding co-ordinator provided through your chosen venue – remember their priority is the venue, not you. A planner always has the couple at the forefront of their mind and actions.

Think of it like this; you will happily pay a Personal Trainer to help train your mind and body to achieve the results you want. So why don’t you pay a wedding planner to build you the wedding of your dreams? It’s the one day in our lives that we get to do once.

I fully admire and appreciate couples who want to go it alone and I say go of it! However you may want a little help on a few things and that’s why I offer my ‘Blonde Army Assists’ package. We discuss your needs and make a tailored service to suit you. For example, you may not want to handle all the invites or manage your website – hand that over to me. Whatever you want help in, drop me an email and we can have a good chat. I have a range of services to suit all couples so go check them out HERE. I am currently based in London but venture back to the Lakes (where I’m from) and often work in York too. I love travelling and discovering new locations so wherever you are we can make it work 🙂

I am currently working on a new service that I think you’ll all totally love..! I can’t wait to share it and see what you all think! Check back soon to find out what it is and when it’s about to go down!! All updates will be announced on instagram – are you following me yet?

Anyway lovelies, happy Sunday and I’ll catch you here next time.

Love Lianne

All images are from my recent styled shoot. All quotes are from my previous clients.