I know you’ve heard this so many times but….. I can’t believe it’s December, I cant believe it’s almost Christmas and I can’t bloody believe it’s the end of another year…!

This will be my final blog post for 2018 and quite honestly, I’m glad ! I’ve been wondering how much to share in this final post and I’ve decided to share it all- bear with! Maybe now is the time to grab a brew….or better, gin !

I think reflection is very important especially when you are working so hard inside of something. It is not always easy to notice just how much you’ve achieved or grown.

I spent sometime the other day going through every blog post I’d ever written, every notebook I’ve filled with thoughts, dreams and ideas and every scrap of paper I’d scribbled sketches on or notes.  I wanted to reconnect and rediscover my WHY. Why I was crazy enough to start a business just over a year ago. Why I was crazy enough to go it alone and why I was crazy (and stubborn) enough to not give up when the going got tough….It’s important to keep coming back to this basic reason.

Lisa Jane Photography

Now this year has been a tough one and although I’m not a fan of getting too personal, I think at times it’s good to share what’s actually been going on, so we can understand and relate to the human side of business. Life in Lianne’s world has been pretty turbulent- I won’t go in to detail but it includes some tough relationships and 3 house moves. I have struggled immensely at times as I’ve felt an overwhelming feeling of unrest and how can you be at your creative best when you’re so out of kilter?! I’m terrible at self-punishment and have felt enormous guilt that I’ve not developed as quickly as I should or achieved as much as I could. I’ve thrown myself into work to ignore the other problems in my life and this lead to a long period of burn out. I was very poorly for quite some time which then of course impacted my business as I was not well enough to work at my optimum. And this is not me at all.

As well as my personal life and running a brand spanking new business, I also work in events and marketing for a company based in the city and in the past few months this role has grown. So it’s been a compete juggle and having had some time to reflect I’ve realised….there are going to be some changes around here, my friend!

Lisa Jane Photography

I’ve spent this year learning about the industry, connecting with new suppliers, working out what my ideal client really wants and developing my brand and implementing my mission. I have learnt a sh*t load of stuff so I’m extremely excited to action it. With my multi-hyphenate career I’ve to had to consider hard what I am able to offer at Blonde Army so nothing is compromised.

I will be making some changes to my services and website – I will notify you all when it’s completed so stay tuned. 

One of my key focuses for 2019 is working on my work/life balance and self-care. I’m a workaholic and now realise this isn’t always a positive! I started a lifestyle blog in 2016 and I will be re-launching that to share my journey as a business owner and everything else this modern life throws my way.

I already have some exciting plans for 2019 including exhibiting at The Unwedding Show Leeds – northerns spread the word! Grab your tickets here.

4 styled shoots planned 

2 confirmed weddings at the stunning venue The Barn at Avington

And a new wedding project (TOP SECRET) with industry pal and photographer babe Rachel.

I also want to spread the love and thanks to some of the incredible talents I have met and worked with this year and who continue to inspire me. My work is only possible with their input and creativity so I want to give a special mention these special people – please do check them out!

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Samie Lee Photography

As you can imagine I am very ready to say goodbye to 2018 and although it’s not been the year I hoped for last January, I know it’s been a year of discovery and personal growth and that you have to go through these processes to know just how strong, capable and determined you really are. I am grateful and proud of what I have achieved this year and it can only get better- right?!

So here’s to new beginnings, growing and showing up no matter what is happening behind the scenes.

Wishing you a wonderful festive period – rest, drink, eat, dance and laugh. 

See you in 2019 !! I’m ready, are you?!

With love,

Lianne x