So as yesterday was Monday and you always set yourself new goals on a Monday right?! I challenged myself to film and start a YouTube channel….



I have researched ALOT about digital marketing and the way we now communicate. Whether we like it or not, and especially for a small new business like me, everything is online and digital. I mean it feels like everyone and every business has a you tube channel. Even Man Utd launched a channel last week, as if tv isn’t already saturated with football, but they are on there as they know that’s where their clients are. Clever Man Utd.

With the rise of social media and images being manipulated, filtered, cropped and airbrushed we are starting to lose faith in still images. So in one of my many ‘Carrie’ like moments (Sex and the City)… “I wondered, will I ever be able to communicate honestly to my clients?”

But seriously, people don’t have time to waste and they want to know immediately whether they can trust and invest in you. This relationship is important to me especially as I am my product and they generally invest in me for a long period of time.

So, after the rise of insta stories and engagement increasing due to video rather than images on your feed it got me thinking….. I need video content. I need free video content. I need free video content that I can film and upload. I need…. YOUTUBE. (ta da!)



Now I almost just missed the millennial tag so I haven’t been brought up on YouTube tutorials and vlogs so this is a new world to me.

But vlogs appeal to me as I find them natural, raw and honest. So this is my starting point. I got together yesterday with a fellow industry professional and friend and we just ‘had a go’. It was a very simple and casual set up, in her front room with snow/sun out side (thank you english weather!) and a camera balanced on two chairs. So professional! (No judging please!) But that wasn’t the point. The point was to create and learn and just produce something. Which we did. (Yey to us) !

Now, this is very much a starting point and I have a whole loada ideas on what I’m going to produce for my channel. But for now, here we are in Chenai’s front room filming episode 1 of a very exciting journey ahead.

I (really do) hope you enjoy it.

With love
Lianne x

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