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Welcome to the Army

Welcome to Blonde Army.

A creative wedding consultancy for modern couples.

Our passion is people and the story you have to tell. We honour traditions but approach them in a non-traditional way. We believe in living life to the full and we aim to inspire this in all our weddings and events.

Inspired by art, fashion, interior design and travel our style would be described as modern, low key luxury and elegance with edge. We believe that making you feel absolutely yourself and totally at ease is the ultimate luxury.

At Blonde Army we do things a little differently. Aiming to be at the fore-front of the industry, we create services that are accessible and relevant to the fast-paced lifestyle our clients lead. We approach weddings with a modern mindset and along side the usual services you can expect from a stylist and planner, we offer our unique mentoring service.

We are story-tellers, rule-breakers, style-seekers, trend-setters, memory-makers, party-starters, dreamers and doers.

We work from our base in London across the UK and across the globe.

We Are Your Army